Before & After School Program

Between 7:15am and 7:45am, students will report to the Hall for morning care at $2 per child. Children must not be dropped off before 7:15am as there is no supervision available at this time. Students arriving after 7:45am are report to the playground and line up with their assigned class.

Regular dismissal time is 3:00pm. If your child is not picked up by 3:15pm, he/she will report to a supervised area for after school extended care. Hours are from 3:15-6:00pm at a fee of $4 per hour per child beginning at 3:15pm. Extended Care is available to parents until 6:00pm. After 6:00pm a charge of $1.00 per minute will be charged. Students in any sport will be charged after they arrive from any sports practice at a rate of $4/hr.

Students participating in After-school care have to follow rules and guidelines presented in the Parent/Student Handbook. Parents will be promptly notified in writing if changes are made to the handbook. We have read and agree to be governed by this handbook for after-school care.

Please sign and return After-Care registration form to Mrs. Estrada.