Clubs & Activities

Many extra-curricular activities are available to our students at St. Christopher Catholic School.  These include, but are not be limited to:

Activity Grades Activity Grades
Cheerleading  (Grades 5-8) Honor Society (Grades 6-8)
Chess Club (Grades K-8) Science Fair  (Grades 6-8)
Choir (Grades 3-8) Spelling Bee (Grades 5-8)
Forensics (Grades 7-8) Sports (Grades 4-8)
Geography Bee (Grades 5-8) Student Council  (Grades 4-8)

Students wishing to participate in any extra-curricular activity, including sports, must maintain an 75% grade in all subjects.  Students must also maintain satisfactory grades in citizenship and behavior.  Grades and conduct will be assessed with each progress report and trimester report card.